Laser Endodontics

Dr. Lea showcasing our newest Laser for Endodontic Treatment

In the amazing field of dentistry, the introduction of Photon Induced Photo-acoustic Streaming, or PIPS™ is a modern day miracle. In the way that surgical microscopes became the standard of care for root canal treatments provided by specialists in 1998, followed by the 2015 recommendation* to use low radiation 3Dimensional cone beam computed tomography (3D CBCT) for diagnostics on symptomatic infections, at Coastal Endodontics, we believe that laser treatment in dentistry will become the standard due to its safety and effectiveness in treating many dental issues, thorough cleaning of canals in Endodontics, and its ability to dramatically improve healing.

For detail lovers, PIPS™ uses the power of the Er:YAG (light) laser to create photo-acoustic shock waves within the bacteria-destroying solutions the Endodontist introduces into the canal system of the tooth. The canal system becomes a specialized area of containment. The shockwaves thoroughly stream the anti-bacterial solutions through the entire canal system, effortlessly cleaning tiny parts of the system such as dentin tubules and lateral canals that may have been unseen even with the 15x surgical microscope and 3D imaging.

Laser technology is working its way into many aspects of dental care. With the proper laser and a trained dentist, simple cavities can be filled with no anesthetic (and no pain). Many periodontal treatments (gum disease treatments) can be performed without invasive surgeries. TMJ treatments, migraine headache, mouth ulcers, tooth bleaching, even cosmetic procedures, can all be performed with dental lasers. It is the future.

Of note, our technological gadget loving, Dr. Lea has been using the microscope for all treatments since he started his endodontic residency in 2002. He bought his first CBCT in 2011. Dr. Lea bought his first lasers in 2020. He believes in and invests in modern technology to improve patient care and to save teeth.

*Recommended by the American Association of Endodontists and the American Academy of Oral and Maxillofacial Radiology

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