Root Canal Therapy

Using technologically advanced digital x-rays and microscopes, the endodontist removes the injured pulp, and your tooth is then filled with a rubber based, FDA-approved material called gutta-percha. After a successful tooth pulp-replacement procedure, your tooth will function just like other teeth, but will no longer be connected to your nervous system.

Endodontic Presentation

To provide you with a better understanding of endodontic therapy, we have provided the following multimedia presentation. Many common questions pertaining to root canals are discussed.

Endodontic Presentation

If treated early, root canal therapy need not be uncomfortable. With the use of local anesthetics, the entire procedure can usually be totally painless. When treated late during an infection, it may be more difficult to numb the area and may require a second visit.

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The first step in a root canal is to obtain access to the nerve. This is accomplished by establishing a small access opening in the top of the tooth. It will be done under a local anesthetic. The tissue will first be numbed by a topical paste, before an injection is given.

Root Canal Therapy
Healthy Tooth
Root Canal
Tooth Anatomy
Root Canal Therapy

The canals where the nerves are located will be reshaped and prepared to accept a special root canal filling material. This filling procedure may not occur until your next visit. The number of visits necessary to complete your root canal will depend upon several factors including the number of nerves in the tooth, the infected state of the nerve and the complexity of the procedure. We prefer to complete the therapy in one visit, when possible.

Root Canal
Cleaned Canals
Therapy Root Canal
Filling Placed
Tooth Nerve Therapy
Healed Tooth

The final step in your root canal will be the sealing of the root canal with a sterile, plastic material, called gutta percha. This is done in order to prevent possible future infection. The tooth will then possibly need a post and core and a crown in order to re-establish normal form and function. This decision will be based upon several additional factors. When you leave the doctor will give you specific follow up instructions for your general dentist. Your dentist will also receive a letter and x-rays from our office.

What to Expect After a Root Canal: Parts 1-3

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